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How to Fix "The Live Editor is unable to run in the current system configuration."
Hi Enrique, This is a bug in MATLAB R2017b (and later) that affects Ubuntu 17.04 (and later). Since the release of Ubuntu 17.04...

10 månader ago | 0

R2021a runs very slowly on macbook air 2020 intel
Hi Paul, Please install the latest patch for R2021a to fix the issue. You can find the patch in the MATLAB command window: H...

10 månader ago | 0

how to solve this error "Undefined function 'crossvalind' for input arguments of type 'char'" while running below code in matlab 2019a
Hello, cvIndices = crossvalind(cvMethod,N,M) returns the indices cvIndices after applying cvMethod on N observations using M a...

10 månader ago | 0

2nd order system in Simulink
Hi, You are missing one more integrator block. Also you can specify the initial condition by simply double clicking both the in...

10 månader ago | 0

"fsolve stopped because it exceeded the function evaluation limit, options.MaxFunctionEvaluations = 1.700000e+03."
Hello, You can use options & optimoptions to avoid the error. options = optimoptions('fsolve'); options.MaxIterations = 10...

10 månader ago | 0