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How to convert a closed curve into a binary mask
I think you want the built-in function poly2mask

4 månader ago | 0

Unrecognized function or variable
You need to install this:

4 månader ago | 1

how to save Struct to txt file
This might do what you want: It handles nested structures too. For example, if I define a ...

mer än ett år ago | 0

How can I display multiline text in a push button by setting its 'String' property ?
You can have multi-line text in a button as follows: h_button.String='<html>line one<br />line 2 &pi</html>'; This is tested...

nästan 2 år ago | 4


Correcting pincushion distortion along one axis
Hello, I have a microscopy optical system that produces pincushion distortion largely along one axis, with the other being ne...

mer än 3 år ago | 0 answers | 0




Control running MATLAB application via a web page
I have a MATLAB program that runs for several hours controlling a piece of hardware and acquiring data. I monitor the output of ...

nästan 4 år ago | 0 answers | 0



Difference between MATLAB tic-toc time and actual time measured with a stop watch
You could also try "profview" if you want to see what's taking the time in your function. You'll get loads of detailed informati...

ungefär 4 år ago | 0

| accepted

How to find indices of similar values in a vector?
I'm unsure if you're looking for sequential numbers or not. The following just looks for repeats. Does it do what you want? ...

ungefär 4 år ago | 1

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Problem with 'Patch' graphics in 2014b - Splits in two along diagonal
This issue has been present for a decade at least. Disappointing, it must be said.

mer än 4 år ago | 2


Has anyone got an interface for Thorlab's Kinesis software?
Hello, Has anyone succeeded in interfacing with the ThorLabs Kinesis software for linear stage controllers? I have so far onl...

nästan 5 år ago | 0 answers | 0



Why does Matlab set a custom LD_LIBRARY_PATH when execting "system" on Linux?
Does this help?

ungefär 5 år ago | 0

How to put values in matrix based on some condition?
>> r=rand(5); >> r(2:end,1)=0 r = 0.0596 0.0967 0.6596 0.4538 0.1734 0 0.8181 0.518...

nästan 6 år ago | 0

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Why can i not plot this?
You can't plot anything because your code is full of mistakes. For starters, x and y are both just one number so you don't have ...

nästan 6 år ago | 1

When will Jacket be merged into Parallel Computing Toolbox?
It seems they're now at and are open source.

ungefär 6 år ago | 0

When will MATLAB 2014b release?
This release is unusually late. HG2 update is a big deal, I'd say...

nästan 7 år ago | 0

how to register CT brain image & MRI bain image of same patient?
This likely isn't trivial because the images will look quite different and may be of different resolutions, etc. I suspect you'l...

mer än 8 år ago | 1

How to using PCA or LDA to classify data (wine dataset)?
PCA is used for dimensionality reduction and to help you visualise higher dimensional data. On its own it is not a classificatio...

mer än 8 år ago | 0

| accepted

Overlapping points
It's not very clear what you're plotting so it's a little hard to answer your question. Maybe some of the following help. %N...

mer än 9 år ago | 0

Help needed in passing a function as a parameter in another function
"no I am in the directory where sample.m is and the functions that I need to pass are in the fcts folder in a directory inside t...

mer än 9 år ago | 0