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I am currently pursuing my graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bhopal. I have deep interest in Signal Processing and Wireless Communication. I have made projects in MATLAB and wish to work in Mathworks in the domain of Digital Signal Processing.


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convert mp3 to wav
[Y fs]= audioread(file); audiowrite('ConvertAudioFile.wav',Y,fs)

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how to convert a wav to mp3 file in maylab
[Y fs]= audioread(file); audiowrite('ConvertAudioFile.mp3,Y,fs)

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Hamming code on image
Try Reading the image into workspace using imread funtion. After reading the image, convert it into a gray scale image. Then con...

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How to extract frames of a video
v=videoReader('filename.mp4') %to read all the frames frames=read(v) % for reading any particular nth frame you can use read(...

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