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Milne's Method
A predictor-corrector method for solution of ordinary differential equations.

4 månader ago | 6 downloads |


Inverse Power Method
This method is used to find the smallest Eigen value in modulus of the given matrix by employing power method to the inverse mat...

4 månader ago | 10 downloads |


Fixed point iteration method
Please refer to description to understand working procedure of the method. Instructions to use the code are provided within the ...

4 månader ago | 3 downloads |


Chebyshev method
It is a numerical method to find the roots of Algebraic and Transcendental equations.

4 månader ago | 5 downloads |


Aitken's delta square method
Aitken's delta-squared method or Aitken Extrapolation is a series acceleration method, used for accelerating the rate of converg...

4 månader ago | 5 downloads |