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Hello, I would like to know how to store matrix values in a textfile. I am creating a 5x5 matrix in a for loop and in each iteration I have to export this matrix into a text file. When I use the dlmwrite function, it overwrites. How can I solve this
% transmat2 is a 5x5 Matrix for t = 1:1:3 [LL, prior2, transmat2, obsmat2] = dhmm_em(data, prior1, transmat1, obsmat1,'...

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Monte Carlo Simulation/Markov Chains
Hi all, Since I am new to MCMC simulation I am facing a similar problem.I have to simulate a smart meter data for a week's t...

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Simulating a Markov chain
Hey there, I am using Markov Chain model to generate synthetic data. However, I get this error when I simulate it to find the ne...

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Hello, I am working on monte carlo markov chain to generate synthetic data for energy consumption values. Any heads up on this, will be really helpful.
I have empirical data for 17520 records that I am reading from an excel file, discretizing those values into 8 bins and creating...

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