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Line interval and moving


version 1.0.0

by Tor Wager

Core tools required for running Canlab Matlab toolboxes. The heart of this toolbox is object-oriented tools that enable interactive analysis

Adds "line marks" in order to label and identify constant values or allows to highlight data intervals

dash-dot line)line_width: Line width for all the linestick_width: Vertical tick widthmark_color: Color for both markers and linesmark_dx: Horizontal spacing between lines and labelsmark_dy: Vertical spacing

Vertical Line in Matlab

vr(xPos) plot a vertical line at xPos getting current axis values with default color gray, line width 1, and a solid line with no markers.However, vr(xPos,varargin) plot a vertical line at xPos

Easily label pushbuttons with (rotated, vertical, or multi-line) text.

buttonIcon = createButtonLabel(string,PVs,figOpt)Have you ever been frustrated by an inability to label a vertically oriented pushbutton or uicontrol with a string? This function is for you!All valid

Finds the intersection of two lines.

[x_int,y_int] of two lines. Each line can be defined in four different ways:line = x0: vertical line form (vertical line defined as )line = [m,b]: slope-intercept form ()line = [x0,y0,m]: point-slope form ()line

Updated version of M. Kleder's '05 CON2VERT. Convert linear inequalities into a set of vertices; i.e., polygon "vertex enumeration"

requires that the feasible region have some finite extent in all dimensions. For example, the feasible region cannot be a line segment in 2-D space, or a plane in 3-D space. NOTE: this ver 1.2



by madhan ravi


It was really difficult to use vertical lines in symbolic plot therefore I created a function to plot it. In my code a person can determine the x-point ,starting point and end point of the line.

Plot a horizontal or vertical line that spans the current axes.

Plots a horizontal or vertical line that spans the current axes. Accepts formatting specifications like the plot function. Will overwrite existing plots unless "hold on" is called.

STACKEDAXES produces stacked plots similar to Matlab's stackedplot() but returns graphics handles allowing the user to modify the plot.

of m axes, sharing the same x-axis. stackedaxes(Y) plots each column in Y against its row indices.[ax, xLine, xText] = stackedaxes(...) returns handles to the axes, the vertical reference line, and

Draws a horizontal or vertical line that persists through pans and zooms

VHLINE Draws a horizontal or vertical line that persists through pans and zooms. VHLINE('x',val) draws a vertical line on the current axes that intersect the x axis at the location specified by



by Kelly Kearney

Plot one or more lines with a shaded boundary (can represent error, confidence intervals, etc).

boundedline.m: line with shaded error/confidence boundsAuthor: Kelly KearneyThis repository includes the code for the boundedline.m Matlab function and the accompanying outlinebounds.m function


version 17.1

by Moses

Create a spider or radar plot with customizable individual axes.

setting of default values.2019-10-23: Minor revision to set starting axes as the vertical line. Add customization option for font sizes and axes display.2019-10-16: Minor revision to add name-value pairs

The function 'DataTip.m‘ displays fully customizable data tips at the mouse pointer location. It works in regular figures or GUIs.

-inf or inf, in log scale limits set to > 0• At least one data point inside the plot• For interpolated values at least 2 data points inside the plot. No interpolation for vertical lines.METHOD:• Get

The Discrete Fourier transform is compared to the double integration technique when transforming acceleration to displacement records

records.ContentThe submission contains three files:The function ASD.m, which is an acronym for Acceleration-Speed-Displacement.Two data file data_bridge.mat and data_beam.mat that contains the computed vertical

The dynamic response of a suspension bridge to wind turbulence is computed in the frequency domain.

present script computes the lateral, vertical and torsional displacement response. A multi-modes approach is used. Some knowledge in the field of random vibration analysis and wind loading on structures are

Create a legend with more flexible positioning and labeling capabilities

' 'ne'}]buffer: 1 x 2 array of horizontal and vertical distance, respectively, from the reference anchor point to the legend anchor point. Distance is measured in units

对MATLAB一些蹩脚及缺失功能的升级和增补(部分功能仅支持Windows系统)。例如,返回数组最大值的坐标,不需要预分配内存的累加数组,Bioformats Ome Tiff,XML字符串与DOM模型互转,文件移动复制删除重命名批量操作,许多内置函数的功能强化升级版……

Simply create horizontal or vertical shaded sections of a plot.

hfill(...)Descriptionhfill(scalarValue) places a horizontal line along y = scalarValue.hfill([ystart yend]) fills a horizontal shaded region bounded by ystart and yend.hfill([ystart1,yend1,ystart2,yend2,...,ystartn,yendn]) fills multiple

MATLAB scripts for EEG/eye position data analysis

Autonomous UAV for Suspicious Action Detection using Pictorial Human Pose Estimation and Classificat

Plot horizontal and vertical lines

Plot horizontal and vertical lines by specifying vectors of their vertical or horizontal positions, respectively. Other options can be passed to the built-in line function.



by Francois Bouffard

Allows graphical objects to be dragged in a figure.

This function enables a graphical object (be it a line, plot, patch, rectangle, text box, etc.) to be dragged inside an axis, with a very simple syntax ("draggable(h)"), following or not horizontal

Interactive selection of a data section from a 2-D plot using vertical mark lines.

selection and saving 2D data plot sections. The user can position each of the two vertical mark lines in an interactive mode, using the mouse – double click of the left mouse button place the first line

Shows y-values of time series in 2D plots by clicking on the axes.


version 1.0.2

by Eiji Konaka

Make bar chart race animation gif file from data (inData) with option (Opt).

later).inputs:inData(i,j); value of i-th index at j-th time instance All values in this matrix are assumed to be positive. If it contains negative value, modify 'automatic scaling of horizontal axis' line as you

The function implements LLBP (Line Local Binary Pattern)

and vertical shaped filter, resulting in "line" shape, for which the name is given.An illustration of Line LBP can be seen here

Adds vertical lines to the current plot.

Adds vertical lines to the current plot. The lines extend to the current y-axis limits.

The Auto Layout Tool is used to automatically improve the layout of Simulink models.



by Peter Perkins

Stacked line plot for a timetable

Plot the numeric variables in a timetable against the timetable's time vector. Each variable is plotted as a subplot with its own vertical axis, all aligned to a common time axis. ttplot is for

Create a thermometer style chart with a stem, bulb, and desired labels.

the thermometer chart displays a circle-shaped bulb connected to a long vertical stem, which are filled in with sectioned-off colors representing quantitative progress according to different

埃博拉酱的MATLAB作图工具包,包含一系列实用的作图工具。依赖埃博拉酱的Windows工具包 本项目的发布版本号遵循语义化版本规范。开发者认为这是一个优秀的规范,并向每一位开发者推荐遵守此规范。

EbolaChan.FiguringToolbox.*;ColorAllocate 为白色背景下的作图分配合适的颜色FigureAspectRatio 设置当前图窗的纵横比LegendMultiShadowedLines 带图例的多条误差阴影线图ShadowedLine 将平均值±误差曲线,通过中间一条均线、两边误差边界阴影的形式作图出来。StripBackground


version 1.0.0

by Marko Neitola

Yet another figure scaling/prescaling tool. With cool features!

utilizing the UserData property of the figure handle. 2. SCLFIG applies the required font size change to ALL graphics objects such as contour lines with non-vertical text and text box annotations.3. All line


version 1.0.0

by Ana Garcia

Using Matlab to solve a physics problem

A 300 N force P is applied at Point A of the bell crank shown. a) Compute the moment of the force P about O by resolving it into horizontal and vertical components. b) Using the result of part

The Brick Toolbox is a set of utility functions for Matlab.



by Marjorie

Cursorbar creates a cursor line attached to an axes or lines.

The Cursorbar can be dragged interactively across the axes. If attached to a plot, the cursor points are updated as well. The Cursorbar can be either horizontal or vertical. Thanks to Yaroslav Don

plot summarized data and data distribution at the same time

). It also calculates the standard error for each cell (vertical line on each marker).However, the novelty is that it also plot a frequency distribution itself for each condition, and aligns it vertically

Quickly zoom & scroll through your signal. Apply digital filter and adapt it on the fly, via GUI

- LineSpec: LineSpec string, max. 4 characters, see Matlab plot() documentation. string (optional, default: '.') If you define a marker here, set 'AutoMarkers' to 'none' so it won't be

Simulate satellite beacon signal propagation


version 1.0.0

by raym

This function split a long vertical image of text and/or graphs to several pieces for easier print out.

search for a minimum of gussian blur(sigma = 7 vertical lines) of deviation of each line's piexles so as to make a perfect cut to avoid anoying cut-in-lines.

Add significance bars and asterisks to various plot types

available. sigstar makes it easy to add lines and significance asterisks joining one or more pairs of groups on bar charts, box plots, and even line plots. The user simply supplies the identities of the two

Detection of circular objects in a given image using Fisher criterion

Orthogonal euclidean distances of points to a line with c++ mex

[DISTANCES PROJ_POINTS]=DISTANCE2LINE(POINTS,LINE_SEG)This function distance2line computes minimum euclidean distances (vertical distances) of "points" (nxm matrix which m=2,3) to a "line" (1xm which

Draws a true to scale arrow that shows the scaling. Useful when y axis tick labels are to be omitted.

information to a plot.The arguments are property-value pairs. All of them are optional; default values will be used then. Use cases: - Plot many channels vertically stacked (non-overlapping) as with plotECG



by Marc Jakobi

Locks the cursor horizontally or vertically

, y]axis: 'x' to lock to vertical line (locks x position) 'y' to lock to horizontal line (locks y position)Usage example:fig = figure;ax = axes;[xx(2), yy(2)] = ginput(1);x_p = get(0, 'PointerLocation

Computes the graph of adjacent regions in a labeled image

scanning each line (horizontal, vertical, and in z-direction for 3D images), and by detection transitions in the labels. A background gap of width 1 pixel/voxel is assumed to exist between regions. It is

Plot errorbar with customized direction.

)% errorbar_diag(x,y,se,tiltAngle,linespec)% h=errorbar_diag(...)% INPUT% x,y: vectors of x and y data% se: vectors of error on diagonal% tiltAngle: tile angle of errorbar(unit is degree),vertical errorbar is 0. default:45(on diagonal

3-D Ray Trace


by Charles Rino

3-D Ray Trace function for refractive propagation

Adds a grid to an image

imageGrid puts a grid on an imageThe number of horizontal and vertical lines and line style can be adjusted. Setting 'method' to 'draw' (default) opens a new figure with the grid drawn onto it

Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing

non-flat line so called "seam" which has minimum energy using dynamic programming for both vertical and horizontal line. Horizontal or vertical seam which has minimum energy (the first horizontal and



by Mark Brown

General replacement for fprintf which allows printing formatted text to separate editable window.

, close Edit: cut, copy, paste, clear Format: font, wrap (on/off) Automatic vertical / horizontal scroll bars Full access to text and display properties via object handle.Example: >&gt

Demo of hyperspectral unmixing in the presence of mixed noise.

. This is the image sent to the ​unmixing algorithm. A: Abundance matrix. S : sparse noise. It represents impulse noise as well as line strips. Dh, Dv : Two-dimensional horizontal and vertical finite

This code reduces mixed noise from hyperspectral images using spatio-spectral total variation

can be mixture of impulse noise and line strips. Y : Noisy Image. D : One dimensional finite differencing operator. Dh, Dv : Two dimensional horizontal and vertical finite difference operators

central projection of a spherical map on a dodecahedron, matlab script

meridian, each line is a parallel, latitudes vary linearly as lines from top to bottom, longitudes linearly as column numbers from left to rightexport_fig_out_l5.png%colorcarte=imread('imagesourcered2.jpg

Draw a very simple 3D airplane and animate it too

. Syntax:c130c130(x,y,z)c130(...,'roll',RollDegrees)c130(...,'pitch',PitchDegrees)c130(...,'yaw',YawDegrees)c130(...,'color',AirplaneColor)c130(...,'fuselage',FuseLageColor)c130(...,'wing',WingColor)c130(...,'tailwing',TailwingColor)c130(...,'fin',FinColor)c130(...,'prop',PropellerColor)c130(...,'scale',SizeScaleFactor)c130(...,'z',ZScaleFactor)c130(...,'linestyle','LineStyle')c130(...,'linecolor',LineColor)h =

Calculates the parameters (and their uncertainties) to data with uncertainties in both coordinates

slope/y-axis intersection pair to slope angle and distance to the origin. The advantages of this are that a) global convergence is assured b) a solution is found even for a vertical line. The complete



by Jesse Knight

A flexible function (GUI) for showing multiple image volumes with scroll wheel functionality.

: 0.005% % gridstr - string like "5x2", specifying the number of images to tile% horizontally (5) and vertically (2)% Default: as square as possible, wider bias% %

3-D Propagation simulator for turbulent media

2-D Propagation Code for propagation in refractive media over irregular surface.

A library for scintillation channel modeling applications.

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