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Given a multi-dimensional time series, find the points where the trajectory crosses a given plane. This is useful for finding periodicity.

Useful if you record multi-dimensional time-series data and want to look for periodicity. This function finds the points where the trajectory crosses a given plane. % P = poincare_map( X [, plane

These codes generate Rossler attractor, bifurcation diagram and poincare map.

This GUI programe presents an efficient method for finding topological horseshoes in chaotic systems

graphical user interface. Readers only need to write an m-function for their chaotic maps (or Poincar'e maps for time-continuous system). Beside this, almost all operations for finding a horseshoe are mouse

Simulink design pattern for solving differential equations, visualize results in MATLAB graphics

this 3D trajectory onto a arbitrary plane surface and visualize it during the simulation? Would the trajectory intersect itself?b. How would you visualize the Poincare map?c. How would you compute the

Simulation of Chua's Oscillator in MATLAB with Poincare Section analysis.

nonlinearity and a cubic nonlinearity.A Poincare Section analysis tool is also included which works on the piecewise linear nonlinearity version. It calculates the 2-D map and the approximate 1-D map which may

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