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Simulink Implementation of Induction Machine Model- A Modular Approach

A group of Delta-Sigma SIMULINK- models with DWA mismatch shaping.

The SIMULINK- models of multibit Delta-Sigma ADC and Delta-Sigma DAC all have a non-ideal D/A-converter. The DAC mismatch noise will be shaped according to a general Data Weighted Averaging (DWA

Connect to AMD Zynq RFSoC evaluation boards using MATLAB and Simulink. Perform OTA testing with RF add-on cards. Deploy algorithms HDL Coder

toolbox includes a graphical interface and an intuitive API for programmatic control of all RF-ADC and RF-DAC parameters, signal generation and acquisition. System designers and test engineers who want to

Interleaved, Successive Approximation, and Pipelined Sub-Ranging ADC models.

An interactive application simulating a DSSS communication.

Driver blocks allowing Simulink models to interface with PWM, MCP3008/ADS1115 ADC, MCP4725 DAC



by Eric Ogier

Multi Bit Delta Sigma Digital to Analog Converter - Simulink model

DAC is a Simulink model of a multi bit delta sigma digital to analog converter.The DAC is based on a 9 bits set split in :- 4 MSBs (bits : 8/7/6/5, respective weights : 32/16/8/4)- 5 LSBs (bits

using GPIB & DAC board

using GPIB & DAC board on MOSFET, you could generate Analog Voltage and could get Current.

Use Data Acq Toolbox along with DataTranslation USB module to produce waveforms

Cancel dynamic (time variant) DAC errors by a very simple digital error correction scheme

dynamic feedback-DAC noise was corrected by digital error correction. In [2], thermometer encoder was used in DAC and the number of correction coefficients is 3M, where M is the number of DAC unit-elements

This is an S Function driver for the MPC4725 I2C Digital to Analog 12 bit converter.

Tools for hyperpolarized MRI acquisition and reconstruction methods

A test bench to simulate and analyse Sigma Delta modulators

This live script uses the power of Live Scripts to teach students the dynamics of rigid body systems with customizable illustrations.

Introducing artificial intelligence to freshmen with an image classification demo using convolutional neural networks

This function can obtain inelastic spectra and hysteresis for a bilinear elastoplastic system according to a specified yield level (ay).

Solve any SDOF problem only providing stiffness, mass, damping coefficient.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cageo.2018.01.013

ADC converter with finite DAC's slew-rate and bandwith

Includes: -error calculation for DAC's finite bandwidth & slew-rate-remedy to the error-dynamic performance-simulation with real binary resistive DAC-description file

MATLAB Instrument Driver for use with PicoScope 4000 Series oscilloscopes (Beta Release)

Cochlear implant simulation using vocoders

Enhannced `pdist2`! Vectorized code that achieve 10x~100x efficienficy for nD-array (i.g., i-by-j-by-k). Support many distance metrics.



by Bo

Fractional order proportional derivative controller tuner

Ni DAQ Toolbox


by Alaa Makdissi

NiDaq data acquisition National Instruments.

Interactively change image window width and window center to improve contrast and brightness for pixel level labeling

Audio compression in transform domain using Graph-based Transform

Insert your script inside this template to create an historical log of every execution

A complete MEaSUREs grounding line, coast line, and mask dataset from Mouginot et al.

Calculates the co-factors of each element of a matrix

DSP Companion is instructional software designed to accompany a textbook.

Simscape Mutibody demo


Version 2.2.2

by Antonio Silveira

Arduino-based Data Acquisition Device for Computer-controlled systems practices

This File Generates Sorted Execution Order to find what executes in the order

Open Source Simulation Package for MATLAB

Couluovrat's quasi-analitical solver for the Buckley-Leverett and inviscid Burgers' equations

Yacoby Lab Special Measure

Tests if points are inside of triangulated volume.

Semi-Supervised Fuzzy Clustering Fuzzy Satisficing for Dental X-Ray Image Segmentation



by Tran Manh Tuan

Semi-supervised fuzzy clustering for dental X-ray image segmentation


Version 1.0.0

by Shilpa Suresh

Multispectral Image Denoising via Adaptive Cuckoo Search-Based Wiener Filter

A simple analytical model that predicts DSM spurious tones with arbitrary stimulus.

This file contains functions for:- estimating the quantizer noise from DSM and- estimating the mismatch noise from DWA-DAC.Both (time-domain) models generate noise estimate for arbitrary input vector

An algebraic formula for Conways Game Of Life

Convert nested array of structs to flatten struct or table. Filter all variable by using the class, type or level

This is a "Starter Kit" to introduce concepts about engineering design by means of multi-objective optimisation techniques.

MATLAB/Simulink source files of the book: "Introduction to Microcontroller Programming for Power Electronics Control Applications" CRC Press

Numerical differentiation of data (i.e. arrays) over the domain of the data or at specified points.


Version 1.0.0

by Oasis


Version 1.0.0

by Dirk-Jan Kroon

TABPLOT Create axes for plotting in tabs (alternative to SUBPLOT)

Shows how to do transformations to continuous random variables

Downlink free space path loss calculation for each user by applying monte carlo. Also calculate signal noise ratio.

This code allows you to make a gif file dynamically illustrating a channel flow system.

Water surface motion due to standing wave

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