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Helmet detection by deep learning

version 1.0.1 (1.08 MB) by Takuji Fukumoto
This is a sample code that uses the Yolo v2 model to detect people wearing or not wearing helmets.


Updated 25 Dec 2020

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Deep learning object detection technology is sometimes used for people detection in images.

People detection are very common in Automated driving system. In addition, it is also used at factories and workplaces.
They check the behavior of worker or if workers wear necessary equipment in hazardous areas.

his file is a sample code that trains an object detection model (Yolo v2) with labeled video data to detect a man wearing or not wearing helmets.

image processing・Computer vision・Deep Learning・Machine Learning・CNN・Yolo v2・Object detection

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Takuji Fukumoto (2021). Helmet detection by deep learning (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

蔡 蔡

Suchindran Srinivasan

its not reading the gTruth at all

Khajista Nizam

Mohammad Ghareb, your 'trainedYOLOv2Detector' filepath is probably not in the set path. Add the folder to the path.


mohammad ghareb

Plz can someone help me to solve this error "Unable to read file 'trainedYOLOv2Detector'. No such file or directory", and when i download the project i can't find "trainedYOLOv2Detector.mat" file.

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