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Apply any image processing function applied to all frames of input video.

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Updated 13 Jul 2016

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This functions allows the user to apply a function of his choice to all video frames- frame by frame.
Consider a case you have a function you're used to apply to single images like imfilter, imresize, imadjust, imcrop etc... (see Matlab Image Processing Toolbox for additional functions), and now you want to apply it to a video file. Well now you can use this function with the video, and get the resulting video in a single command. While this disregards the connection between video frames, and treats each frame as an individual movie, this is a good starting point in testing methods for video enhancement & analysis methods.
See demo video here:

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Nikolay S. (2020). apply2VideoFrames (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Demo Video added

Change of archive type

Minor bug fixes

Some bug fixes in the main function, and modifications of the service functions.

- waitbar name changed.
- defaultCompression changed to NONE

- Minot bug fix (choosing files via browser combined with command line inputs).

- conv2FuncFormat and conv2FuncFormat added
- Multiple video files support added
- Automated codecs search added

Some parameters added, improving user control.

Minor inputs parser bug resolved.

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