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Images blending/mixture/ph​otomontage

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Combine images together in a photomontage style.

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Updated 21 May 2012

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This is a small function designed to enter a small image, onto a bigger one. It can be handy in several cases- both for images and especially for videos (perhaps I'll write a wrapper function for video later on). It can be used for hiding an object (like faces of persons interested in anonymity). Another option is water marking.
Annotation, and image/video editing is also an option- adding an object to an existing image. The function receives a main- tile image, and a smaller image subject to insertion. The user specifies the inserted image position, the part of the image to be inserted, the way coordinates should be treated, and the opacity value. Image mixture is generated according to the above parameters, and the new image is returned.

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Nikolay S. (2020). Images blending/mixture/photomontage (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Nikolay S.

Hi there Elba Martinez Rayas.
Please email me (either via Author page or find me in LinkedIn), and we will solve this.

elba martinez rayas

Hi Nikolay, the problem is with the function, I ran the example 1 but it doesn´t work, well the question is I have to run only the part of the example o it is necessary the rest of the program?..

Nikolay S.

Hi there Elba Martinez Rayas.
I'd be happy to hear what exactly did not work.
I understand you wish to add a video into an image. Well, i hardly believe this is possible- perhaps you'd first convert your single image into a video where all frame are made of the same image, and to this video you'll embed another one? if this is ok, you can use my function- embedding one video into another:
Try it, and I hope it will do the trick for you. best regards,

elba martinez rayas

the program it doesn't work...can you tell me why?...

I have to do something similar but i have to montage a video in to a image.

Nikolay S.

Hi Wong.
imagesMixture is the main function. assignin_value is a service function. See imagesMixture documentation for an explanation & example


Missing the main function. .Just two functions.


A few bugs were fixed, some code rewritten

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Created with R2011a
Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: apply2VideoFrames

Inspired: Embed image to video,