Problem 586. All Humans are Created Equal - Pareto Equality

One way or the other two sets of identical types can come out ahead of the other by idea of Pareto equality. Pareto equality between two sets, or a group of sets, requires that atleast one element of each set is ranked higher than its corresponding element of the other set. Please see: for more information.

Build a function to take two cell-args, and return a boolean value true/false, to indicate their pareto equality.

Ex. >> ispareto( {1,'foo',40}, {0,'bar',30}) = true

    >> ispareto( {2,-10,'z'},{0,-9,'t'}) = false

Cell-array can have only numbers and strings. Use natural comparison functions for numbers (a>b), while strings have 'a' > 'z' kind of comparison.

Next, generalize this function to work with varargs, and see if the entire set is pareto optimal.

Two or more arguments will always be supplied.

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