Problem 518. English to Pig Latin Translator

Pig latin is a faux-language based off of English. The rules are as follows (excerpted from the wikipedia entry for Pig Latin):

1. In words that begin with consonant sounds, the initial consonant or consonant cluster is moved to the end of the word, and "ay" is added, as in the following examples:

  • happy → appy-hay
  • question → estion-quay

2. In words that begin with vowels, the syllable "ay" is simply added to the end of the word.

  • another → another-ay
  • about → about-ay

A hyphen is sometimes used to facilitate translation back into English. Ayspray, for instance, is ambiguous, but ay-spray means "spray" whereas ays-pray means "prays."

Given a string in english (may be multiple words), produce the Pig Latin version.

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