Problem 1254. PACMAT 06 - Optimized Ghosts, Equal Speed, Inf Lives; Interactive Download

The Classic PACMAN game brought to Cody.

PACMAT requires clearing all the Yellow Dots. Inf lives are available. Adjacent Ghosts will capture PACMAT. Ghosts do not use the tunnel. On Ghost capture everyone gets reset. These trained ghosts take the minimum path to PACMAT assuming the other Ghosts are walls.

To aid in development of your routine, a PACMAT_Interactive.m file that creates a solver script and video has been posted at PACMAT_Interactive.m. (Right click, 'save link as'). The routine creates a PACMAT_solver.m script from the interactive play. The script demonstrates Interactivity, figure/KeyPressFcn, listdlg, and VideoWriter.

14 Lives Interactive (MP4) Best Score seen is 9 Lives.

Inputs: Map Definitions: -1=Wall, 0=Empty, 1=Dot, 2=PACMAT, >2=Ghost

Output: Direction Definitions: 1-Up, 2-Right, 3-Down, 4-Left, 0-No move

Pass Criteria: Clear all dots in less than 4000 moves

Scoring: Moves + 500 * Lives

Near Future: Randomized Awesome Ghosts to make them non-deterministic

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Last Solution submitted on Jan 10, 2017

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