How do I Copy and Paste a Simulink model into an external software's GUI?

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I would like to copy my Simulink model into another application (such as Visio or Word). I tried to copy and paste it directly from Simulink into the other software, but it did not work as I expected. How can I achieve this workflow?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 31 Jan 2023
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 31 Jan 2023
You cannot copy & paste the Simulink model to another document and keep the functionality of the Simulink blocks. Instead, you need to convert it to an image file.  
For MATLAB R2019a and earlier releases: In Simulink, go to top menu bar and select "Edit -> Copy Model To Clipboard", and then paste it into other document.
For MATLAB R2019b and later releases: In Simulink, go to top menu bar and select "Format -> Screenshot", and then paste it into other document.
Alternatively, for any release, you can press "ALT - Print Screen" or use a third-party snipping tool to capture the Simulink model and paste it to other document. 
If you only need a part of the model, the solution is to copy and paste the blocks you highlighted into a new Simulink file and convert it into an image using the methods described above. 

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Gerrit on 26 Aug 2020
In recent releases, at least from R2019b onwards, copying the screenshot of a Simulink model (by itself) is done by:
Format -> (COPY & VIEW) Screenshot -> Send Windows Metafile to Clipboard
If preferred, you can select "Send Bitmap to Clipboard" instead in the above. Then paste the screenshot into Word, etc.
The "ALT - Print Screen" method works as well, but includes the Windows frame with menus, etc. in the screenshot.
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crt56 ak
crt56 ak on 20 Aug 2021
How about coping figures from parameter estimation or sensitivity analysis windows into Ms word? I am running R2018a, but I am finding it hard to copy figures generated into Ms word.

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