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selecting elements in the matrix

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Mahi Nazir
Mahi Nazir on 24 Oct 2013
Answered: Jan on 24 Oct 2013
Suppose I have a matrix A=[1 5 7; 2 4 3; 7 8 9] I want the indices and the values of all the elements >6 So I want the answer to be
Row col vector
1 3 7
3 1 7
3 2 8
3 3 9
When I use [row, col, v]= find(A>6) I get the correct indices for row and col but v gives me logical value 1 and not the actual element value. Kindly help

Accepted Answer

Jan on 24 Oct 2013
[row, col] = find(A>6)
to find row and column indeces and use
v = A( A>6 );
to get the corresponding values.

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