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how to assign a microchip pic pin to a simulink input block?

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i'm trying use some generated c code for use with a pic microcontroller using embedded coder, but i don't know how to assign a microchip pic pin to a input simulink block.
does anybody know how to do this?
should i do this assignment manually after the code has been generated?
thanks, Isaac.

Accepted Answer

Arun Balasubramaniam Sivaraj
Edited: Arun Balasubramaniam Sivaraj on 28 Oct 2013
Hi Isaac, You might need to download "device blockset" for the microcontroller you are using. PIC provides one for dsPIC DSC's. Its link is: MATLAB Device Blocks for MPLAB IDE... I couldn find blockset for any other. If you want blocks for a different microcontroller, try out "Custom Embedded Target Development" and "S MEX function" development for block creation. It will help you...

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Srinivas on 28 Oct 2013
Edited: Srinivas on 28 Oct 2013

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