Read data file with strings and integers

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Andy on 20 Oct 2013
Commented: Andy on 21 Oct 2013
I have a .txt file i want to read. Each line has a character and then integers delimited by commas. I want to read the file so that i have an array which is number of fields by the number of lines in the file. Firstly i tried using load() but this doesn't deal with the characters. I have also tried textscan, specifying the format but that created a cell array which was 1 by number of fields. The file will look like this.
So in the example above i would like the file it to be stored in a 2x3 array for me to use the values.

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dpb on 20 Oct 2013
With textscan use the 'collectoutput',true option to put the numeric values into one cell then convert to an array w/ cell2mat or just the {} nomenclature.
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Andy on 21 Oct 2013
Thank you dpb, everything seems to have been read in ok now.

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