How to not draw some points of an interval( hmax and hmin )

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I have this function but i have to finish it. I have to say to matlab to not draw the points of the graph between hmax and hmin Can someone help me???
h = max(y); hmax = (percT/100)*h; hmin = (percB)/100*h;
for i=1:size(y,1) if y(i)> hmax y(i) = hmax; else if y(i)< hmin y(i) = hmin; i have to finish???
Many thanks in advance!!!
Antonella on 15 Oct 2013
percT is 60 an percB is 30. the variable y rapresents the high of the graph (the graph is about a hand-written word). So i have to remove the middle part of this graph(word) so every point between 30-60% of the total high. Hope this is clearer! Many thanks in advance!

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Jonathan LeSage
Jonathan LeSage on 14 Oct 2013
You can use logical indexing to remove any values greater than and less than the desired bounds.
% Defining some arbitrary data
x = 0:0.05:2*pi;
y = sin(x);
% Defining some arbitrary bounds
hmax = 0.5;
hmin = -0.5;
y_bounded = y;
% Using logical indexing to replace all values > hmax with NaN
% When plotting, MATLAB ignores values that are defined as NaN
y_bounded(y_bounded > hmax) = NaN;
y_bounded(y_bounded < hmin) = NaN;
% Plot Results
grid on;
legend('Orignal Data','Bounded Data');
Hope this helps!
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Antonella on 15 Oct 2013
thanks really much for the answer! I'll try and check if it's work! Anyway i have to use if, else if i can translate what you wrote me in this way? is there the possibility to do this or not? Really many thanks ;)

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