I'm not getting how to draw a DFT using coefficient.

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c-3 =0.8597 + 0.5073 𝑖, c-2 =1.3459 + 2.6485 𝑖, c-1 =-2.8348 +13.4153 𝑖
c0 =62.289 + 120.32 𝑖, c1 =22.8537 + 7.2257 𝑖, c2 =2.1155 + 0.9273 𝑖 and
c3 = 0.0880 + 0.1215i
these are the coefficients.

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Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair
From my understanding you have a set of complex coefficients which you want to plot. You can plot the magnitude response by calculating the magnitude of each complex coefficient using the function 'abs'. Similarily , the phase response can be calculated by using the function 'angle'.
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Ananjay Singh Yadav
Ananjay Singh Yadav on 22 Aug 2021
Sir, basically I have a curve and by using no of co ordinates, I need to redraw that curve by Fourier series. Please tell me how can I do it.

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