Could I extract an specific column from a table and then use it in a loop without name it (variable)?

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I'm wondering if I can use directly the column (extracted from a matrix) inside the loop, for example or should I name if first because T1(:,8)(i) does not work
A = zeros(length(T1(:,7)),length(T2(:,7)));
for i=1:length(T1(:,7))
for ii=1:length(T2(:,7))
idx(i,ii) = ( abs((T1(:,8)(i)-T2(:,8)(i))))

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Aug 2021
h1 = height(T1); h2 = height(T2);
A = zeros(h1, h2);
for i = 1 : h1
for ii = 1 : h2
A(i,ii) = abs(T1{i,8} - T2{i,8});
However... you might as well use
A = abs(T1{:,8} - T2{:,8}.');
with no loop, provided you have R2015b or later.

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