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Split Matrix into multiple Submatrices

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I have a large matrix of 6000x10 arrays. I wanted to get some thing like 100 different 60x10 matrices. How can I do that? I can think of a method of cell2mat, in case I do that will I be able to add rows/columns in those cells?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Aug 2021
YourArray = randi(9, 6000, 10);
subarrays = mat2cell(YourArray, 60*ones(1,size(YourArray,1)/60), 10*ones(1,size(YourArray,2)/10));
ans = 1×2
100 1
ans = 1×2
60 10
Avik Mahata
Avik Mahata on 13 Aug 2021
Thanks. It worked. Thanks for taking time to reply. Its extemely helpful for my reserach.
I need another help about the cell operation. How can I add those 60 rows with each other in the cell. I meant to say, Row 1 (first cell) + Row 1 (second cell)+...., and repeat it for all 60 rows and get a final 60x10 matrix.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Aug 2021
YourArray = randi(9, 6000, 10);
added_together = permute(sum(reshape(YourArray, 60, [], 10),2), [1 3 2]);
which is to say, do not break it into cell arrays if your plan is just to add them together.
If you need the call arrays for other reasons, then
added_together = sum(cat(3, subarrays{:}),3);

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