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Matlab unable to download files on demand from OneDrive cloud storage

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Hi there,
I am having trouble getting Matlab to retrieve files it needs from my OneDrive cloud storage account, even though it can see the files in the current directory or on the search path. If I try and run such a file from Matlab I get the following error message (where '...' is the path to the file I'm requesting):
Error using load
Unable to read MAT-file .... Not a binary MAT-file. Try load -ASCII to read as text.
If I get OneDrive to store the actual file on my machine Matlab can open it, but not if it is stored on the cloud. I know Matlab can do this as it works on my other PC, but not sure how to get it to work on my laptop. File explorer and all my other applications can get the file straightaway from OneDrive cloud, so I don't think this is a OneDrive issue, but rather something to do with how Matlab interacts with OneDrive. I'm running Matlab 2021a.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Sivani Pentapati
Sivani Pentapati on 1 Oct 2021
Hi Christopher,
From what I understand, you want to retrieve files from Cloud Storage into your MATLAB. You can try using MATLAB Drive to store your files in the Cloud in order to acess them across multiple devices. Additionally, you can use MATLAB Drive Connector for managing the MATLAB files from your local computer.

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