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Resample produces unexpected vector length

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I have two vectors of simultaneously recorded physiological signals, one is sampled at 20 kHz and the other at 1 kHz. I'd like to sample the latter upwards so they can be analysed together.
Length of the 20 kHz vector = 1228446
Length of the 1 kHz vector = 61423
1228446 / 61423 = 20
Makes sense to me! But the command
Returns a vector with length = 1228460, not 1228446. What am I missing? It's late here, so pointing out the obvious is appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Dave B
Dave B on 7 Aug 2021
I think the error is in your arithmetic (?)
1228446 / 61423
ans = 19.9998
1228460 / 61423
ans = 20
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Alexis on 7 Aug 2021
Thanks, I just realised I had
format bank
turned on. Obvious is pointed out!

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