Error using export app Export unsuccessful

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Using uifigure, geoglobe, and geoplot3.
The images are all correct but expertapp does not work. No further error messages.
Thank you.
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James Brown
James Brown on 6 Aug 2021
This simple code fails. Is this a bug?
uif = uifigure;
g = geoglobe(uif);
geoplot3(g,[-60 -70],[120 140],[900000 900000]);

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Accepted Answer

Ananya Tewari
Ananya Tewari on 9 Aug 2021
The geoplot3 returns a Line Object and unlike most Line objects, lines created using geoplot3 cannot have their parent changed to any object except a geographic globe. I tried exporting the uif as a pdf and was able to do so. Please refer to the code below.
uif = uifigure;
g = geoglobe(uif);
geoplot3(g,[-60 -70],[120 140],[900000 900000]);
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Dinesh on 5 Jan 2024
Hi Ananya. The PDF file is created, but it's blank. Did you also observe similar behavior? I'm trying to understand if this "blank" issue did not occur in earlier versions of MATLAB.

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