Save results data to a new table each loop iteration

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The following loop generates a table (T_Departures) and saves 'Energy Calculation' data to this table. This overwrites every iteration however. I want to save the data to a new table each iteration (there are 30 iterations). When all iterations are complete, I wish to merge all results tables into one large table.
I have managed to save each result to file by using 'save' at the bottom of the loop, but I don't know how to then create a results table with the saved data. The load function either overwrites T_Departures with the saved data, or creating a new variable then loads the table into a struct. Any alternative methods or solutions to my current problem?
% set desired reg code search parameter
for i = 1:s
Aircraft = T_Reg(i,:);
Aircraft = table2cell(Aircraft);
Aircraft = Aircraft{1};
Aircraft = char(Aircraft);
% get flight data from table
Flights = contains(T_Data.Registration,Aircraft);
% return all rows for the flight data
T_Routes = T_Data(Flights,:);
% remove first row if movement type is 'D', else keep
if T_Routes.MovementType(1) == 'D'
T_Routes(1,:) = [];
% remove final row if movement type is 'A', else keep
if T_Routes.MovementType(end) == 'A'
T_Routes(end,:) = [];
% -------------------- Route On-Ground Time Calculation ------------------
% ------------------------------------------------------------------------
% Determine on ground time between each arrival and departure
OnGround = T_Routes.Date_Time(T_Routes.MovementType=='D') - T_Routes.Date_Time(T_Routes.MovementType=='A');
% New table with departure rows only
T_Departures = T_Routes(T_Routes.MovementType=='D',:);
OnGround = array2table(OnGround,'VariableNames',{'OnGroundTime'});
T_Departures = [T_Departures OnGround];
% ------------------------- Energy Calculation ---------------------------
% ------------------------------------------------------------------------
% % import fleet excel spreadsheet
T_Distance = readtable('Airport distances.xlsx',"TextType","string");
T_Distance.AirportIATA = erase(T_Distance.AirportIATA,"'");
T_Fuel = readtable('Aircraft Fuel Consumption.xlsx',"TextType","string");
% link distances and fuel spreadsheets to departures
T_Departures = join(T_Departures,T_Distance,"LeftKey","AirportIATA","RightKey","AirportIATA");
T_Departures = join(T_Departures,T_Fuel,"Keys","AircraftICAO");
T_Departures.kg_Fuel = T_Departures.Distance_km_.* T_Departures.kg_kmOfFuel;
% kWh per kg of kerosene
Kerosene = 12.67;
% efficiency of turboprop aircraft
PropEff = 0.5*0.98*0.8;
% efficiency of electric aircraft
AircraftEff = 0.98*0.95*0.98*0.8;
% energy requirement of aircraft
T_Departures.AircraftKWH = (Kerosene*PropEff*T_Departures.kg_Fuel)/AircraftEff;
save([Aircraft], 'T_Departures')

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Aug 2021
All_T_Departures = cell(s, 1);
for i = 1 : s
All_T_Departures{i} = T_Departures;
If you want, at this point
save(Aircraft, 'All_T_Departures')
If all of the tables have the same variables, then
All_T = vertcat(All_T_Departures{:});

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