trying to use integral transform to multiple large arrays but getting an error about array being too large to calculate

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i'm trying to take the data of x, which is an 88000x1 audio file, and multiply it with my kernal (k) ,which is a 1x15001 array but i keep recieving this error :
Requested 88000x15001 (19.7GB) array exceeds maximum array size preference (15.9GB). This might cause MATLAB to become unresponsive.
which then doesn't allow me to run the code, is there a way to fix my code so that i can get these values?
my origional integral transform equation is 𝑋(Ω) = integral (-inf,inf) of 𝑥(𝑡)*(𝑡,Ω)* dt which i'm trying to convert into a reiman sum to get the value of but i can't get past the step of finding my value for v.
thanks for any help. if you have any questions feel free to ask.
function x = math()
load baseball.mat;
x = record;
prompt2 = ' set a value for 𝜎 , should ne non-negative real number: ';
v = input(prompt2);
sigma = v;
omega = (0:2*pi:30000*pi);
z = sigma + 1i.*omega;
t = 1/44000;
k = exp(-z*t);
v = x.*k;
% S= sum(v);
% dt = 1/44000;
% X = dt*S;

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darova on 2 Aug 2021
Maybe you need just interpolate the data to make the same size
% x data with 88000 elements
t1 = linspace(1,88000,15001); % new timespan
x1 = interp1(1:88000,x1,t1); % new vector
y1 = k.*x1; % multiply kernel by x dat
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david Price
david Price on 2 Aug 2021
sorry but i don't think this will work since you seem to be changing the timestamp and creating an entirely new x vector.
not sure if it matters but my sample rate has to be 44,000 and my x value is also set as a recorded audio at that sample rate for 2 seconds. so i cant change those values.
thanks for this interesting idea though trying it at least showed me some new information.

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