Need to access the structure values in numerical form and store it in an array each time the loop runs

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Hi all,
I am trying to access the structure values from the followign code and want to store it in the form of an array each time the loop runs. I have tried using stryct2cell and cell2mat but they give certain errors. I need the numerical values of x and y by solving the two equations.
Since I am very new to MATLAB programming, I do not much of an idea what does the structure hold in this case and how can we access the numerical values. Kindly help me.
for i = 1:127
syms x y
sol = solve([(1-x)*(1-exp(-y))+ A32T22_array(i)*(1-x)*exp(-y)+ T2T12_array(i) + R2_array(i) == 1, x + R1_array(i)*(1-x)*exp(-y) == R2_array(i), x>0, y>0], [x,y]);
R12T12_array(i) = solxy(1,1);
ad_array(i) = solxy(2,1);

Accepted Answer

darova on 2 Aug 2021
Make some modifications
An example
syms x y
sol = solve([5*x-y y-1])
sol = struct with fields:
x: [1×1 sym] y: [1×1 sym]
RAVI SINGH on 5 Aug 2021
@darova: thank you very much for your help.
Though there was a small mistake in one of the equations, however, what you suggested really helped. I also checked it for a different set of simpler equations to test it. Though I need to learn it much better, I understand a bit of it now, thanks to you.

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