How to modify mission in QGC while avoiding obstacles in a photorealistic simulation environment

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I am using the UAV Package Delivery Example to explore different variables (e.g., total distance covered, velocity, altitude) that could affect the total mission time (simulation time) for different missions.
Other than modifying the noQGC subsystem to create different mission profiles with varying waypoints, I want to create different .plan files with the same starting and landing point but different waypoints to guide the UAV while still avoiding the obstacles (see images below).
I tried using the 'Fly Full Obstacle Avoidance' script but whenever I add the waypoints via QGC, the UAV does not follow the waypoints. Similarly, when I change the point of landing (L), the UAV either follows where the original landing point or just crashes halfway.

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Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 8 Feb 2022
Hi Robert,
Currently the guidance logic in this example is set to track the 2nd waypoint user specified in the mission when performing obstacle avoidance. If you need to track more than 1 waypoints, you might need to add additional guidance logic based on the "uavPackageDelivery/Multirotor (MultirotorModel)/Guidance Logic/Full Guidance Logic" setup.

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