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How to set subplots same size

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Jurrien Plijter
Jurrien Plijter on 22 Jul 2021
Commented: Jurrien Plijter on 23 Jul 2021
Hi all,
I would like to get my subplots the same size. It now defaults to the first picture below, but I would like to have it as in the second picture (created by manually sizing the figure). How to modify my code? Thanks for the help. The search function did not answer my question.
clear all; clc;
dt = 0.01;
time = 0;
iter_limit = 1000;
iter = 0;
next_initial = [0 0]; % [angle [rad] , angular velocity [rad/sec]];
ode45_check_initial = next_initial;
torque = 0;
torque_setting = 2;
subplot(1,2,1); hold on;
fig_animation=plot(0,0,'k',0, -1,'.k','MarkerSize',20);
axis equal;
xlim([-1.5 1.5]);
ylim([-1.5 1.5]);
xlabel('x [m]');
ylabel('y [m]');
fig_rectangle=rectangle('Position',[-0.05 -0.05 0.1 0.1],'FaceColor','k');
subplot(1,2,2); hold on; grid on;
hold on;
xlim([ 0 iter_limit*dt]);
ylim([-1.5*pi 1.5*pi]);
xlabel('time [s]');
ylabel('amplitude [-]');
legend('angle [rad]','angular velocity [rad/s]','applied torque [Nm]');
hold off;

Accepted Answer

Yazan on 22 Jul 2021
Because you are requesting to use the same length for the data units along each axis when you specified
axis equal
Matlab will not provide axes of the same width and height. A simple solution is to remove the line above.
Jurrien Plijter
Jurrien Plijter on 23 Jul 2021
yeah I tried the ax1.position stuff earlier, but that indeed didn't work. Using figure(...) does work however, thanks for that! :)

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