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Browse File and Load Data on Table in App Designer

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Hi. I am trying to put this code on the callback of a function but it is not working. Please me out. When I click, it leads me to look for the file but when I try to open, I get errors...I have tried different methods like readtable, importdata...and so on
[file,path] = uigetfile({'*.xlsx';'*.csv';'*.m';'*.slx';'*.mat';'*.*'},...
'File Selector');

Answers (1)

Sivani Pentapati
Sivani Pentapati on 6 Aug 2021
Based on my understanding, you are trying to load data from a file into a table. uiimport loads data from a file into a structure so assigning it to data of table might throw an error. You can resolve the error by assigning the corresponding attributes of structure to table. The below code is a possible workaround for data in struct Data23
app.UITable.ColumnName = Data23.colheaders;
You can also refer to the documentation of uiimport for more information


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