Hi everyone! Please I need some help with batch importing a bunch of xml file files I have in a folder into my workspace. I tried to use xml2struct but it only gets one

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Daniel Abraham
Daniel Abraham on 15 Jul 2021
Commented: Simon Chan on 15 Jul 2021
clear all
[file_list,path_name]=uigetfile('.xml', 'Grab the files you want to process', 'Multiselect', 'on' );
for i=1:length(file_list)
% Using the xml2struct with a path to each xml file works but my problem is
% how to loop through each file in the folder

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 15 Jul 2021
Edited: Simon Chan on 15 Jul 2021
Try to add the indexing for variable 'data' and each file name
for i=1:length(file_list)

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