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Finding an average matrix from each matrix in an array

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I have an array of matrices, each with the same dimensions, I am looking to get one matrix which has the average value of all the matrices at each point, any advice on how to do this?
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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 13 Jul 2021
i think the matlab coding help would depend on how you've arranged your array of matrices. but over all if you have matrix of N dimensions and you want the index average across the different matrices; the simplest would be to just add all these together to a single N dimensioned matrix and divide that by total number of matrices.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Jul 2021
averageMatrix = (matrix1 + matrix2 + matrix3) / 3;
Roisin Coveney
Roisin Coveney on 14 Jul 2021
Thanks, just changed it a bit and thats working now!

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Jan on 13 Jul 2021
Edited: Jan on 13 Jul 2021
Which kind of array contains the matrices? A cell array, a numerical 3D array, a struct array? The solution depends on this detail.
A = {rand(4), rand(4), rand(4)}; % Cell array
meanA = sum(cat(3, A{:}), 3);
B = rand(3, 4, 4); % 3 4x4 matrices in numerical 3D array
meanB = reshape(sum(B, 1), 4, 4);
C(1).data = rand(4); % Struct array
C(2).data = rand(4);
C(3).data = rand(4);
meanC = sum(cat(3,, 3)




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