Finding pitch, yaw for a delta three wheeler using simscape or vehicle dynamics blockset

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Hey, I need to make a braking model of a delta type three wheeler(auto-rickshaw) in which the user gives the input as braking force and initial velocity stuff and get outputs like stopping distance, normal wheel forces, pitch, roll, yaw etc of vehicle. I have been able to do it till some extent like finding stopiing distance, but cannot figure out how to find stuffs like pitch, roll or yaw. I need to do using simscape or vehicle dynamics blockset or any other toolkit. Please help me out as I am not able to progress further. I have attached a picture of the model i have made for a better understanding. Do ask me if you are not able to understand something. Thanks

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J Chen
J Chen on 13 Jul 2021
The Vehicle Body block only describes vehicle longitudial dynamics. You need a block that handle lateral dynamics to get roll and yaw. The Brick Solid block in the Simscape Multibody library has 6 DoF.
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Devesh Raj
Devesh Raj on 13 Jul 2021
Edited: Devesh Raj on 14 Jul 2021
Thanks for your answer. I am not able to get the pitch even. Considering that first part is to simulate straight line motion, I need to find pitch angle first.
And can we use multibody blocks without any 3d model? Because I dont want to use cad models for it since i just needs graphs of the desired outputs

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