k-means clustering

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mumtaz on 5 Feb 2011
Commented: Kawther on 30 Nov 2014
hi to everyone. i have to apply k-means clustering on texture image let suppose i have a dicom image of a left hand first i had converted into texture by applying range filter , entropy or variance, now i have to apply k-means clustering inorder to seperate the background, bones and soft tissues. please tell me how can i apply clustering.

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Laurens Bakker
Laurens Bakker on 27 Feb 2012
MATLAB actually has a built-in clustering function called kmeans. Assuming you can reshape your data to match the format expected by kmeans, you're ready to go.

Kawther on 30 Nov 2014
Considering that the clusters represent decision region for each sent symbol, how can i determine the decision region, and how can i find the bet error rate for the clusters resulting from the Kmean?
Thank you Kawther Hamad,
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Kawther on 30 Nov 2014
Can i consider the originally sent data as a training data and resend data again and consider it and a test data and use them to find the bet error rate?

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