Image noise removal in medical image

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RN on 9 Jul 2021
Answered: Tarunbir Gambhir on 13 Jul 2021
I have been trying to remove the noise in an image (image1.png). I have been using the median filter and bwareaopen commands. I just need the center bright white portion as in image2.png. It would be great if anyone could help.
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jpgFilename = strcat( num2str(k), '.bmp');
imageData = imread(jpgFilename);
% Read the image
BW2 = bwareaopen(imageData,2);
b = imsharpen(BW2,'Amount',8);
se = offsetstrel('ball',2,2);
b = imdilate(b,se);
BW3 = bwareaopen(b,2);

Answers (1)

Tarunbir Gambhir
Tarunbir Gambhir on 13 Jul 2021
You can use many of the available morphological operations to acheive your taget image. In your case, I think image erosion will help in removing the noise. You can try the following:
% Read the image
imageData = imread('image1.png');
BW = bwareaopen(rgb2gray(imageData),2);
se = strel('disk',2);
I = imerode(BW,se);
You can try different structuring element options that fits your requirement.

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