Matlab Code for PV array with bypass and blocking diodes

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I intend to write a Matlab code that models a PV array consisting of series and parallel connected modules with bypass and blocking diodes. I have been able to write the code that produces the I-V and P-V curves of the array (series-parallel combination) from the diode equation for PV model. However, I am unable to implement the bypass and blocking diodes in the code such that I can feed in different irradiance values and generate multiple power peaks for partial shading analysis. Is there an equation or set of equations that can help me realise this? Any useful reference is equally okay. (N.B: I am not to use simulink for this model). Thanks

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 9 Aug 2022
Hello Oghenero,
unfortunately, this forum is specifically for questions about MathWorks tools, not equations that are programming language independent. If you had the equation and were having trouble implmenting them in the Matlab language, this would be a good place to ask those types of questions. You will likely not get a good answer to your quetion in asking for equations and references as that is better handled by doing a literature review. You can also check the file exchange in matlab central to see if anyone has done similar work, but this is a fairly specific request and likely does not exist there.


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