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How to plot the growth of interest in matlab (time on x-axis and current balance on y-axis)?

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Interest is compounded continuously; P = pe^(rt) represents the growth of your savings.
P= current balance
p= initial balance
e= (number 'e') approx. 2.72
r= growth rate (expressed as decimal fraction)
t= time invested (years)
Determine the amount in your account at the end of each year if you invest $1000 at 8% (0.08) for 30 years. Plot time on the x-axis and the current balance on the y-axis.

Answers (1)

Laurent on 17 Sep 2013
I'll give you one hint, because it seems to me that this is homework.
Catherine on 17 Sep 2013
It is homework. But considering I don't even know the basics, hints don't exactly help. Thanks for the uppity attitude though.

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