Problem with a string .

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Jonasz on 17 Sep 2013
Hello here is my string :
'abc "abc" '
I need to throw out single quotation mark and replace double quotation mark to single quotation mark so the output will be :
abc 'abc'
How to do it ?
Thanks a lot.

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Jan on 17 Sep 2013
What does "here is my string" exactly mean? Strings do not contain the surrounding quotes. They appear only, if e.g. a cell string is printed to the command window:
C = {'string'};
Therefore I assume this is enough:
S = 'abc "abc" ';
S = strrep(S, '"', char(39));
fprintf('%s\n', S);
I use char(39) because it looks less strange than '''', but both create exactly the same: one quote character.
Jan on 17 Sep 2013
@Jonasz: It is not clear, if your string is:
S = 'abc "abc" '
S = '''abc "abc" '''
Please clarify this at first.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 17 Sep 2013
doc strrep
Here it is:
str = '''abc "abc" '''
str2 = strrep(strrep(str,'''',''),'"','''')


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