inputdlg in the app designer

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hello, I am using i the inputdlg as part of a matlab app. (maybe that is the heart of the problem, is this forbidden? I know that questdlg i forbiddden.)
I noticed a weird "bug". whenever I click "cancel" when in the app the screen "jumps" to the last screen I was in. attaching a video.
would be thankfull for any assistance.

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Julian Hapke
Julian Hapke on 6 Jul 2021
I think this solution should work for inputdlg as well:
tl;dr: reset the focus to the app's uifigure in the function that calls the inputdlg as soon as the inputdlg is closed.
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wetlab Technion
wetlab Technion on 16 Jul 2021
thank you julian and sorry for the late reply. this worked for me

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