Different RMSE in Regression Learner App everytime I start a new Session

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Everytime I start a new Session in the Regression Learner App I get different RMSEs (Validation) although I am using the same model and the same dataset, features, fold numbers for k-fold. Could this occur due to k-fold partitions getting randomly initialized every time I start a new session?

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 2 Jul 2021
The partitions would be randomly initiated. You can set a random number seed before you begin, to try and get the same results.
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Matthias Scherer
Matthias Scherer on 2 Jul 2021
And how can I use the random number seed for the regression learner app? Since I need the regression learner app to choose the best model for my data, but setting a number seed would be something I do in command window and I don`t know how to use this to affect the partitions of the k-fold cross validation in the regression learner app.

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