How to remove rest of the rows of a Column once it reaches a certain value

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I have an autocorrelation function that needs to be integrated only up to where the time threshold first drops below Zero.
So I have a matrix such as A = [ 1 2 7 -2 0 2 9 1 2 0 9 -5].
I want to get A1 = [ 1 2 7 ].
How can I do this?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Jun 2021
AZ = A(find(~A,1)-1)
However, find can be a bit heavy. Sometimes it can be faster to do
AZ = A(1:sum(cumprod(logical(A))))
This processes the entire vector multiple times, but sometimes it can be better than find. Especially if you have a 2D array that you want to do this kind of selection for on a per-row or per-column basis.


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