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"opengl software" is not supported in command line?

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I've been using the same code on the same Windows 10 PC over and over. but since one day, MATLAB started issueing an error when executing opengl software.
>> opengl software
Error using opengl
Changing the OpenGL implementation at the command line is not supported. Instead, specify the implementation when starting MATLAB.
This is very odd, not only because it started suddenly, but also because the command opengl software should be perfectly allowed to use in Command Window. See
I can use opengl('save', 'software') and get rid of opengl software from my code to circumbet this problem, but this is very strange.
Kouichi C. Nakamura
Kouichi C. Nakamura on 28 Jun 2021
Oh sorry, I thought I mentioned it.
MATLAB Version: (R2021a) Update 3
Matt J
Matt J on 2 Oct 2021
Edited: Matt J on 2 Oct 2021
I've got the same problem in R2020a. Any progress on this? The problem started right after a Matlab crash.

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Answers (1)

Matt J
Matt J on 2 Oct 2021
An NVIDIA driver update seems to have cured it.


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