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andrew on 9 Sep 2013
i have 4 columns currently and I am using strfind to help find a string and print out the corresponding values . for example,
column a contains [a,b,c,d,e]
column b contains [a-1,a-2, a-3, b, c-4, c-5,...]
i would like column a to print out to the corresponding values in a, so in column a, a should be printed 3x.
how can i do this.
Jan on 9 Sep 2013
Edited: Jan on 9 Sep 2013
While "['a','b','c', 'd',....]" is equivalent to 'abcd', a cell would be "{'a','b','c', 'd',....}". The curly braces are important.
Do I understand correctly, that the input data is b and you want to keep only the part left from the "-" character? Which purpose has the "column 1" then?
You wrote, that you have 4 columns, but I see a description of 2 columns only (I still write column, because I'm not sure what type and dimensions these object have).

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