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.txt to matrix separated by blank lines

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alyse tran
alyse tran on 25 Jun 2021
Answered: Nikhil Sapre on 25 Jun 2021
I have txt files of 2 columns, where different trials are separated by two blank lines. How can I convert this data into matrices, where each trial is in a different matrix? Thank you for any help.

Answers (1)

Nikhil Sapre
Nikhil Sapre on 25 Jun 2021
Hi Alyse,
Can you try something similar to this?
FileList = dir('*.txt');
[~,idx] = sort([FileList.datenum]);
FileData = [];
for iFile = 1:numel(idx)
currFile = FileList(idx(iFile)).name;
FileData.(['file_' num2str(iFile)]) = load(currFile);
Make sure your current directory is your .txt files are located.


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