How do I make a bubble(s) with different size matrices

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Hi to all,
Is it possible to make an irregular shape bubble or bubbles with different size matrices?
Is there any function to do that?
I have this inputs:
x = 1:360;
y = 1:180;
z = 180:360
I will also need a different colors of bubbles beacuse I have several "z" values but the "x" and "y" are always the same values.
Thank you in advance.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 19 Jun 2021
Solution is bubblechart3()
x = 1:360;
y =linspace(1,180,360); % Size of y has to macth with the one of x
z = randi([180, 360], 1, 360); % The same for z
SZ = randi([180, 360],1,360); % Size change has to be equal to the one of x, y, z
Color=1:360; % Color change
bubblechart3(x,y,z,SZ, Color);
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Dominik Jerinic
Dominik Jerinic on 19 Jun 2021
Thank you Slaymon but maybe I wrote it wrong.
My "z" is not 180:360. I have the values in each cell in matrix (180 x 360). Can you adjust the code to make bubbles for this kind of "z"?
Thank you in advance.

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