How to get multiple output response using time series response of ANN deep learning toolbox?

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Norfarhanah Hamid
Norfarhanah Hamid on 19 Jun 2021
Answered: Philip Brown on 21 Jun 2021
I'm currently solving a multi-input-multi-output time series problem using ANN (deep learning toolbbox) on MATLAB through time series app using NARX. I have a total of 10 inputs and 2 outputs. When I generate the plot response, I can only get the plot for the first output (response of output element 1 for time series 1). How do I get the response plot for the next output? Or can I get a plot response that plot for both response simultaneously? Thank you in advanced.

Answers (1)

Philip Brown
Philip Brown on 21 Jun 2021
You can use the outputIndex option for plotresponse.
You might also want to set the sampleIndex option. See help plotresponse for more details.
It's not currently possible to set these options in the time series app, but you could generate code, and then edit this code to provide the outputIndex option there.

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