how to save data in app designer then call back that data to use again?

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i have an app in app designer and it has two TABS tab one has questions to ask for quantities and tab 2 asks for times for each thing when you click done on tab one it takes the data from tab two and multiplies it by the quantity i want to save the times so that when you enter a time it stays that time every time the app is started so that you dont have to enter the time every time. Simplified if i enter red cars take 10 hours then every time i open the app it will have the red car variable by the quantity untill i update the time.
tab one
the equasions and quatnities
tab two
one of the values pulled to tab one... this is what i want to save

Accepted Answer

Reshma Nerella
Reshma Nerella on 21 Jun 2021
One approach is that.
While closing the app, in the UIFigureCloseRequest callback, you can save all the required data in a .mat file
In StartupFcn, you can load the .mat file, get the required data and fill in the components.

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