Is there an equivalent to close all for deep learning training windows?

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I have some unit tests that produce a large number of deep learning "training progress" windows. Is there an equivalent to the "close all" command for plots for these training windows?
I know you can stop them appearing in the training options but when they are not in unit tests I need them displayed

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Accepted Answer

Philip Brown
Philip Brown on 21 Jun 2021
Currently, you can't directly close just deep learning plots with a particular command.
However, it is possible to close all figures, including those with HandleVisibility off. You can use:
close(findall(groot, "Type", "figure"));
Note that this closes all open figures, not just deep learning plots! For more info, see the findall doc.
For unit tests, you probably want to put this in a TestMethodTeardown, so it executes even if the test fails.

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