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How can I print variables when deploying code on a raspberry ?

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I need to know the values of the data of my code. Usually, we can do this by removing ";" at the end of the line, but the problem is that I actually deploy my code on a Rasperry Pi, so it doesn't work.
I have tried to use fprintf to print in a file, but I didn't manage to print arrays.
How can I do ?
I would also like to plot figures with the deployed code.

Accepted Answer

Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov on 16 Jun 2021
Hi Guilhem, I think fprintf is the only soltuion that would work for you. For arrays, perhaps you can just write your own myprintf function that contains a FOR loop and calls fprintf for each element, as to print something like [1,2,3] etc.
Plotting data is harder. All of MATLAB graphis/plotting functions are implemented in C++ and that code is not portable to RaspberryPi. So, plot can't work there. What you can do instead is use some third-party plotting library, call it from your MATLAB code using coder.ceval. Or maybe write your own C function that takes the data from the generated code, and then calls the 3rd party plotting library like QWT (

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